Why is Naruto Shippuden So Famous?

There is no doubt that the Masashi Kishimoto has attained the enormous amount of reputation after the release of series Naruto. It is a Japanese Mange series, which is all about the life of the ninja. At the beginning of the story, the village was attacked by the demon fox (also known as the Nine-Tailed Beast). In order to protect the village, the fourth Hokage have fought with the monster and seal the beast inside child i.e. Naruto.

In addition, Naruto Shippuden is the extended series of the Naruto, in which he returned to the village after three years of training. Mainly, the storyline roamed around this boy and showed his hard work to become the Hokage. What is Hokage? Well, Hokage is the head or mayor of the village, which helps to maintain peace in the world. As mentioned earlier, the aim of the Naruto is to become the Hokage and protect the Leaf village from enemies.

Best Fights Of Naruto Shippuden
There are various sorts of fights held in the Naruto Shippuden series. Most importantly, mystery of the masked man, who attacked village 20 years ago has also been resolved. Most super cool fights were:

•Sasuke Uchiha VS Itachi Uchiha (The Uchiha borther)

Sasuke Uchiha VS Itachi Uchiha

• Madara Uchiha vs Naruto and Sasuke

Madara Uchiha vs Naruto and Sasuke

•Gay Vs Madara Uchiha

Gay Vs Madara Uchiha

• Hashirama vs Madara Uchiha

Hashirama vs Madara Uchiha

•Uzumaki Naruto vs Uchiha Sasuke

Uzumaki Naruto vs Uchiha Sasuke

•Hatake Kakashi vs masked man

Hatake Kakashi vs masked man

•Jiraiya vs Pain

Jiraiya vs Pain

•Naruto Uzumaki vs Pain

Naruto Uzumaki vs Pain

We will soon upload all these fight videos in our website for you folks 🙂

Who is the culprit behind Fourth Hokage’s murder? Well, this is one of the greatest mysteries, which makes people watch Naruto till the end. But the mystery of the masked man was already revealed during a fight in the Great Ninja War. All in all, Masashi Kishimoto has made a masterpiece in the Japanese series world. If you haven’t watched it yet, then it is advisable to give this series a shot.
Watch it and enjoy!